Equity and Inclusion

I believe that your zip code shouldn’t determine your risk of heart disease. Your ultimate educational attainment shouldn’t be affected by what elementary school your children attend. And reliable, safe transportation should be accessible to all, regardless of income level. My top priority as a city council person will be to reinvest in our most vulnerable communities.

Every decision I make will be viewed through a lens of social justice, equity, and inclusion and I will strive to engage diverse voices on every issue.


Public Education

I will ensure the city is a great partner with the 15 school districts that serve KCMO students. This starts with prioritizing public improvements that make our school zones safe and inviting. Schools should be neighborhood anchors and I believe the city should work harder to ensure that is true.

I also believe that every parent should have the ability to provide their kids with quality early education. As a city council member I will work for universal Pre-K in our most vulnerable communities.


Housing and Neighborhoods

A thriving, healthy community must have housing that is not only affordable but is close to great schools, parks, jobs, and public transportation. I will champion policies that ensure that housing is affordable and accessible for all.

Kansas City is booming and I believe we can adapt to meet the growing demand for housing while continuing to honor and preserve our unique historic character. To stabilize rising rents I will work to encourage development of new homes of all types, especially affordable housing.


Transportation and Infrastructure

Nobody in Kansas City feels like they are getting their fair share of public improvements. I frequently hear residents from every corner of the city express concern that all of their tax dollars leave their neighborhood to support some other part of the city. And they are right to feel that way. Decisions about capital improvements and maintenance are often made in a black box without public input or explanation.

But when city leaders make decisions that are in the best interest of the people they serve, then nobody has to feel left out or that they aren’t getting their fair share. This starts with elected leaders who will listen to the people and make policy that reflects our collective values and addresses our challenges.