Vote to for Briarcliff and Crestview,
Vote Eric Bunch on June 18th

Nobody in Kansas City feels like they are getting their fair share of public improvements and that seems to be especially true for the neighborhoods in the small chunk 4th council district that is north of the river. I have spent a lot of time canvassing the neighborhoods and talking to community leaders over the last few months. Here is what I am hearing and what I have seen first hand:

  • Most of the streets in the area lack sidewalks — students at Briarcliff and Crestview Elementary schools face difficult walks to school despite beings blocks away.

  • Many neighbors are eager to see improvements to northland public transportation.

  • The City has failed to deliver expansion of the Briarcliff Trails despite the project receiving more than double the funding they need to construct them.

  • North Oak Trafficway improvements are welcomed but it’s not enough to address the needs of the community.

Just know that I hear you loud and clear. While I cannot promise you that we will get everything done we want to, I will promise to work tirelessly with you to do so.

Here are my ideas for what I think we can accomplish over the next four years if you choose to elect me:

IMG_20180413_101752 (1).jpg

Invest in Sidewalks

I led a successful campaign that ended the unfair 'homeowners pay' sidewalk policy and won $150 million in new city funded sidewalks. I will ensure we find more money to build sidewalks where they don’t currently exist. I believe we can do this cost effectively and quickly.


Build the N. Oak MAX Bus

Talks are underway about making a major transit improvement on N. Oak. I will work with the ATA to ensure that the neighborhoods in the corridor are connected to downtown and points between with frequent, fast bus service. I will make sure the critical project moves forward without delay.


Build the Briarcliff Trails

Not only will I work to complete this fantastic neighborhood amenity, I will look for opportunities to tie the neighborhood trails into the bigger metro-wide trail system.


Create Safe Routes to School

One of the most important ways the City can help improve public education is by investing in sidewalks and crosswalks near schools. In my role as community planner at BikeWalkKC, I have created actionable blueprints for schools in NKCSD to make walking to school safer. I propose creating a comprehensive Safe Routes to School Plan to guide our infrastructure decisions and prioritize the safety of our future leaders.

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