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See map below for poll locations.

Volunteer at the Polls on June 18th

We are heading into the final stretch of the campaign. It feels a bit like training for a marathon — I’ve spent the last several months putting in the work to win the race but the final bit of work happens on race day.

I need as much help as I can get handing out flyers at the polls on election day.

We did a good job talking to voters as they walked into vote on primary day. And to be honest, I was shocked by how many people we talked to who decided to vote for me because a volunteer or I talked to them.

Many people are on the fence about who to vote for until they enter booth and just a quick hello from a friendly volunteer can really push them to vote for me.

So this volunteer job might be the most important one of the campaign.

Use the map the map below to find the polling location where you would like to volunteer. If it your own, that’s great! If yours isn’t on here, that’s fine. We still need you to volunteer at one of the ones on the right.

Look up your polling location here.

Then use the form at right to sign up! It’s that simple.

We will go over the basics before the big day so don’t sweat the details right now.

I can also use as much help as possible canvassing every weekday evening before Tuesday and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Sign up to canvass here.