KCMO City Council 101: What council district am I in?

There is an election coming up on June 18th to pick KCMO’s next mayor and city council. Over a few blog posts, I will try to help voters better acquaint themselves with the voting process, the geography of the districts, and what the mayor and city council members actually do. And please, sign up for more updates from my campaign to win the 4th In-District City Council seat.

In this installment I want to go over a few frequently asked questions about the city council districts of Kansas City, MO.

Q: How many city council districts are there?

A: Six. Each has about the same number of residents about ~80,000. The district boundaries are redrawn every ten years following the federal decennial census.

Q: Is there just one city council person from each district?

A: Nope. There are two. One is elected in-district and the other at-large (citywide). A little more on this later.

Q: Ok, so where are the districts?

A: This is easier to answer with a map. Pan around on the map to look at the boundaries. You can even type in your address to see what district you are in: