Eric's Totally Unglamorous Campaign Checklist

There is a lot of fun stuff that comes with running for public office. I get to meet lots of awesome people, explore neighborhoods walking door to door. I even really (and I’m serious about this) really like going to public meetings. I am a social person. Being around people energizes me. This is especially true when I get to talk to people about the future of our city.

My preliminary logo.

My preliminary logo.

But there are some less-than-interesting parts of running a campaign. The necessary steps to getting it all set up, running smoothly (and legally), and getting my name on the ballot are necessary but not all that exciting. It’s honestly a lot like starting a non-profit — something I know a little something about!

So here it is, the stuff that I’ve got to do just for my campaign to exist. I will come back and update this as I complete each of the milestones. And there’s likely a few things I’ve left off so I’ll add those as needed.

Eric’s totally unglamorous campaign checklist!

  1. Do I really want to do this? YES! √√√

  2. Find a treasurer (Thanks Mackenzie!)

  3. Set up a bank account

  4. Form a committee (

  5. Build a website, social media, email database, etc.

  6. Start campaigning and turn in quarterly reports!

  7. Petition to get on the ballot! (Due in December, 2018)

  8. Canvassing, more fundraising, etc.

  9. Vote (April 2nd, 2019) — this one is actually pretty cool. I love voting.

  10. Vote again (June 18, 2019)

Special note: This list is in no way the complete campaign plan. These are merely tasks to get set up to legally campaign and get on the ballot. I’ve developed and will continue to adapt a strategy to win my election. That’s the fun stuff!